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i'm the independent woman

in becoming though..
10:12 PM
I. Miss. Need. Him.....
Friday, September 7, 2012
i miss himmmm~ like seriously i just want him right here with me :/ he's the only one who always stand still for me but it's a year ago~ even dah setahun berlalu pn, aku still tak pernah lupa dia~ and i'm still not over him at all pn, i knew that maybe he thought that the reason why aku ngan dia tak kawan skg ni sbb aku benci dia. NO, I DON'T HATE YOU AT ALL. why can't you just think over it? tak kan lah aku nak benci orang yg aku sayang? that won't be :/
i need him, yes only him SquidwardTelingaCapang :/ you, i just wanna cry to you, i just wanna say out loud all of my probs right now :/ i lost skg ni~ everynight i think of you, i tak nak ganggu you, i tak nak ganggu langsung hidup you pn, but, satu benda ja yg i nak skg ni, i nak release all of my probs to you, i dah tak tahan nangis sorang2 jea~ i really need you, really needing you~ i just didn't get it, why only you're the only one that i want the most by this moment~ entahla maybe you ja yg tau mcm mna nak cool down kan i, tetambah bila time i mcm ni an? :/ everynight i cakap sorang2 and i berangan mcm you ada ja sebelah i, i luah semuanya, tp semua tu still tak terluah pn kan? itu just image of you yg i sendiri buat, mcm org bodoh jea kan i ni?
btw, thanks juga cause you inform kat i yg you tgh sakit skg ni, even melalui Qie pn kan? :'(
tapi i minta maaf, i just can't care too much of you, i'm nothing to you for now~ i tak layak~ but don't worry, i still nak you sembuh, i nak you cpat jalan balik. everynight i selalu berangan yg i tgh ckp ngan you, but then bila i teringat balik yg you tgh sakit, Ya Allah lagilah i terfikirkan you.
Actually minggu lepas, I pg rumah you, i just hope that i can meet you up, but, bila dah ada betul2 depan rumah you, suddenly i just get back to my car, and just leave :/
tak pa lah lagipun i tak patut pn pg rumah you pn kan, even nk jenguk you pn, i ni sapa sangat an? :') i sedar about it. tak pa lah, i try to figure out my own probs by my ownself, i can't still depending on you right? :')
take care of yourself tau? firstly, kuatkan semangat you nak sembuh, sbb apa2 pn semua tu actually mindset, kalau you betul2 nak sihat, you betul2 nekad nak sihat, nak sembuh, then tawakal ja la kan~ plus! jangan pernah lupa makan ubat kay, i tau you tu sibuk sangat nk gaming la apa la smpai terlupa time nk makan ubat :') don't worry i always pray for you. take care tau you, hmmm..okaylah...

this is who i am


Hey, it's me Dayang Shuhaida. But they just call me D
Everyone in life is gonna hurt you, you just have to figure out which people are worth the pain.
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.
Allah SWT is the reason why even in pain, you smile; in confusion, you understand; in betrayal, you trust; and in fear, you continue to fight.
Nothing can change your destiny except dua to Allah.
I seek for Allah bless when day comes and I believe in Allah guidance when night comes.
Sky is always changing its color. Just like the sky, human need to change.
As muslim, we have to keep moving on, upgrading our mind, to reach our dream.
Remember, Allah doesn’t like those who only keep his seat every time.

To give a trust to someone complete stanger, does you think that its an easy thing??

Your difficulty to give the trust is the strong protect for you from being fooled or being hurt

So that makes me a heartless woman when it comes to a relationship ;)

its the great escape

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