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i'm the independent woman

in becoming though..
11:33 AM
nowwww. here I am a far from HIM.......
Wednesday, December 19, 2012
now I'm already at kl with my cousin. i felt glad that i already getting far from him, *who's him? sure la #SquidwardTelingaCapang tuuuu pfffftttt, daaa~ I had a lot of fun here with my cousin, My.

Things I do here : 1. Went to genting!! *to be honest it was my first time pg genting, selalunya lalu jaaa -.-.
                            2. Went to watch CONCERT!!! *concert k-pop boleh laaaa juga layan, even aku tk la k-popers sgt, but okay2 jea laaa, aku suka BIG BANG!!! but concert mlm tu Super Junior, BtoB, and Exo jaaa~
                            3. Went to Melaka!! jalan2 and cuti2 di sana. naik cruise for the second time :) and plus the most favourite part is MAKAN DURIAN!!! banyak gila aku mkn durian kat sana, but yet, i'm still thinking of HIM, sebab dia pun hantu durian gak mcm aku :( *sigh -.-
                            4.Went to JB! seronok gila time tido dlm hotel dgn MY sambil tgok movie Alcatraz!
                            5. I got a fever after came back from JB pfffffttt -.-
                            6. Went to the Big Bad Wolf Largest Book Festival. It sounds quite awkward with me right? Ya laaaaa, i'm not that type of person that used to read books. -.- tp for the first time i had bought 2 books. woa!
                           7. Lastly, i had make an applications for get a job at ............................. *adalahh :P

but yet, i'm still thinking of him, ARGHHHHH, kenapa laaaa you still in my mind ah? why don't you just fade away from my mind instead of away from my life? aku dah tak tau nk buat apa lagi dah? aku dah pg jauh2 dari dia dah pun, still lg mcm ni :( eeeeee, STRESS!
tapi, actually dia baik gila kot, at least dia jaga perasaan aku time aku nk SPM, he ask me to go out and have a normal conversations like a friend, he sent me those nice wishes, he said that he missed me, and lastly he said to me to "Take Care" of my ownself. Now i know the reasons why he said like that to me, maybe he just planned to be nice with me while I'm getting for SPM, and then get lost again from my life like before... whatever it is, i just would like to say,
thanks sbb you had be nice dgn I, and jaga perasaan I, and buat I happy time SPM hari tu, thanks a lot. #SquidwardTelingaCapang :) *btw that angrybird is still with me right now :)
the ends! kay lah got to go, bubye, Assalamualaikum :)

this is who i am


Hey, it's me Dayang Shuhaida. But they just call me D
Everyone in life is gonna hurt you, you just have to figure out which people are worth the pain.
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.
Allah SWT is the reason why even in pain, you smile; in confusion, you understand; in betrayal, you trust; and in fear, you continue to fight.
Nothing can change your destiny except dua to Allah.
I seek for Allah bless when day comes and I believe in Allah guidance when night comes.
Sky is always changing its color. Just like the sky, human need to change.
As muslim, we have to keep moving on, upgrading our mind, to reach our dream.
Remember, Allah doesn’t like those who only keep his seat every time.

To give a trust to someone complete stanger, does you think that its an easy thing??

Your difficulty to give the trust is the strong protect for you from being fooled or being hurt

So that makes me a heartless woman when it comes to a relationship ;)

its the great escape

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