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i'm the independent woman

in becoming though..
4:05 PM
When Our Heart Getting Hurt :(
Monday, March 7, 2011
Now I’ve learned something new in my life
There are ;
·         Not all of the things that we wanted, will be exist as we’re dreamed of it before this~
·         Dan semua tangisan tak membawa maksud yang sama
i)        Ada di antaranya merupakan tangisan kegembiraan. This is because, somebody is too happy and she/he can’t even describe it with any words but just the tears can explain it out!
ii)      And some of the tears means, that somebody is getting down or they’re just been hurt~
iii)    And tears also can came out when they’re losing someone special, beloved, or even their beloved pet or things (such as diary maybe ==’)!
iv)    Besides, tears even also can splash out when they felt so much worry or guilty.. hermmmm :D

And here some of the best tips for u guys to deal with the feeling of sadness, heart break, hurt, guilty, or any kind of thing that makes u feel empty or worry~ :D
I just wanna help u guys and also myself too ;)

·         Feel yourself craving for chocolates and comfort foods.
If u want some chocs just try it lah! But, don’t eat too much chocs for too long as it will affect ur immune system that can caused u to fall sick!! ;)

·         Crying
Letting out the tears is actually a good thing. But, remember ha, keep your strength up by drinking more water and to stop at some point~ J

·         Just write it down guys!
Grab the pen into your hand and let your hand accompanied with mind and heart and write down all of what u felt, all the happiness that can make u smile for a while, all the sad things that happened to you this lately, and close it with some words that can motivated yourself!! J

·         Go for exercise or any simple activities J
It makes everything that is hurting feel a lot better even the heart too. Get out and just do some simple activities like jogging, walking, fishing, swimming, window shopping, karaoke, bowling, hang up with your buddies, or any else that can move your hands and legs. Plus, this also can elevate moods and make you feel better

Just get alert!
Our heart is not broken lorh~ pfffft~ ==’
Plus, its still beating and by the time, it will heal enough to love and happy again!!

this is who i am


Hey, it's me Dayang Shuhaida. But they just call me D
Everyone in life is gonna hurt you, you just have to figure out which people are worth the pain.
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.
Allah SWT is the reason why even in pain, you smile; in confusion, you understand; in betrayal, you trust; and in fear, you continue to fight.
Nothing can change your destiny except dua to Allah.
I seek for Allah bless when day comes and I believe in Allah guidance when night comes.
Sky is always changing its color. Just like the sky, human need to change.
As muslim, we have to keep moving on, upgrading our mind, to reach our dream.
Remember, Allah doesn’t like those who only keep his seat every time.

To give a trust to someone complete stanger, does you think that its an easy thing??

Your difficulty to give the trust is the strong protect for you from being fooled or being hurt

So that makes me a heartless woman when it comes to a relationship ;)

its the great escape

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