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i'm the independent woman

in becoming though..
10:04 PM
New News..
Friday, July 20, 2012

      Hey, hemm, actually aku tak niat pun nk update blog, but then aku ternampak tweet Qie. So randomly la      aku pn blogging J GUYS! Know what, in this month there’re so many things that had happen J

So here the list ; 
1.  We went to Marching Band Natcomp at Kedah, and we win for the first runner up ;)
2.  Then, a week after that, we gotta call from Natcomp that we have made it to the Marching Band      Grand Final Natcomp! Woaaaa :O *like seriously? *happy dancing
3.  All the way to Terengganu for the Natcomp, me and all the bandies had a big fun J but actually we just pretend that we’re enjoying the trip just in order to hide the feeling of nervous inside -.-
4.  Alhamdulillah!! We’ve made it again! But we’re at the third place and we’ve earn that “Anugerah Gangsa” marks~ but yg sedih, pedih, dedihnya tuuu, markah between our band and the second-place band is just only 1 marks -.- . And if we earn another 0.5 marks, kami dah dapat “Anugerah Perak” marks kotttt! *sayangnyaaa~
5.  Back from Natcomp, aku and Jue party rock anthem kat rumah aku, cause parents aku pg KL! Kami dua dah rasa mcm duduk dkt rumah sewa jeaa~ hahaha :DD
6.  Two days after that, Ilmu Pandu call, and said that on 11 July, aku akan duduki TEST JPJ !! dayyummm~ haa sudahhh, week wekkk :O.
7.  My abah just back from KL, and on the day of my test, he had sent me to Ilmu Pandu. Lepas ja drop aku kt situ, terus balek rumah~
8.  11 July, 9.30 a.m., I’m on the test and suddenly aku Nampak abah aku kat situ, laaa, rupanya ayah aku patah balek just nak tgok aku buat test. Sebelum aku melepaskan clutch di kaki, abah hand wave kat aku :D
9.  On the day, 11 July….*jeng jeng jeng. Know what?! AKU LULUS! Sekali test jeaa aku lulus,    Alhamdulilahhh~ *I’ve met a cute guy kat sana..hahaha
10.  So, I should thanks a lot to Cikgu Hayadzi for patiently taught me driving :’) .

So to all of my friends, my juniors, my teacher, and others too, I would like to say, Selamat Berpuasa semuaa J semoga puasa 1433H kali ni akan lebih bermakna dari sebelumnya, Insyallah~ Amin~ #PrayForMyUpcomingTrial :’)

this is who i am


Hey, it's me Dayang Shuhaida. But they just call me D
Everyone in life is gonna hurt you, you just have to figure out which people are worth the pain.
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.
Allah SWT is the reason why even in pain, you smile; in confusion, you understand; in betrayal, you trust; and in fear, you continue to fight.
Nothing can change your destiny except dua to Allah.
I seek for Allah bless when day comes and I believe in Allah guidance when night comes.
Sky is always changing its color. Just like the sky, human need to change.
As muslim, we have to keep moving on, upgrading our mind, to reach our dream.
Remember, Allah doesn’t like those who only keep his seat every time.

To give a trust to someone complete stanger, does you think that its an easy thing??

Your difficulty to give the trust is the strong protect for you from being fooled or being hurt

So that makes me a heartless woman when it comes to a relationship ;)

its the great escape

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