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i'm the independent woman

in becoming though..
3:33 AM
Ipoh Mali and A Stranger Named Mell ??
Saturday, May 28, 2011
malam ni aku bosan sangat3....
currently, aku sekarang dekat IPOH ikut abah, its about his business lah..tapi from now kan, it's holiday!! school off dude!!!
hehehehe.. :( but  usually, each time the school holidays, I must hanging out with him ♥
but, actually, we are already planed it, but yea, I had to follow abah went to ipoh laaa :(
sorry dear?? 

then, dia merajuk ngan aku ja gaya..ala kalau dah rindu tu, merajuknya tak lama mana dah la..kan??
bhahaha tongue..last2 aku on9 dalam kereta masa on the highway going to Ipoh, dia pun on9, so then, we get into chatting laa~

hahahahaha..see?? kan dah kata?? IMYSM LA DEARRRR wink
then, at about 9 p.m. , I've reached at Ipoh Town!!!
ingat an, sampai2 jea teros nak check in hotel, rupanya abah ajak pgi melepak kedai mamak situ dulu..dia nak jumpa kawan dia~ yea lah3 ikut suka lah..kita follow jea~
masa tu, I just watch the tv, while listening to the phone's songs, while texting with him lorh ..herm~ macam mana tu ah??
bhahahaha!! okay, done meeting abah's friend..next, looking for the hotel!!
JYEAH laugh .. susah gila cari hotel kat sini..peh tol atwitshand..semuanya cafe, restoren, club, snooker, ah macam2 lah..but its a nice place doe..once, I was past in front of the row of shops which are so beutiful decoration!! its felt like I was at the town of Tokyo..the lighting was so lovely wink
at last, we've reached the Paragon City Hotel..
then, I was getting bored..on9 time!!!

on9 punya on9, aku tunggu lah dia nak on9, tapi hampeh, tak on9 pun :(
dah la bosan gila..habes, kredit aku pun RM 0.00..macam mananya nak text dia..hermmm :(
okaylah, then suddenly aku chatting with one of my FB's friend, to bie ; jangan jealous kay..we're just friend..
he's someone stranger to me..but he's kindda friendly person wink he known as Mell happy
plus..he reminds me of my brother..so, aku anggap dia seolah-olah macam abang aku jealah~
anggap pi ja lah an~ sebab dia ni baik...suka bagi nasihat macam lah abang aku sejibik!!
kami chatting sampai tengah malam..hahaha..merapu banyak jea ada la
but, once..aku cita kat dia yang aku rindu bf aku, tapi tak da kredit..aku gitau lah yg dia merajuk kat aku..
bhahahaha.. so here, this is a piece of our conversation ;

okaylah guys, its already 3.30 a.m. i've gotta go to bed now..
chiow guys!! zzzzzzzzuuuuuuuuuuupppppp!!
may I'll dreaming of MY SQUIDWARD ♥ ..assalamualaikum alls 

this is who i am


Hey, it's me Dayang Shuhaida. But they just call me D
Everyone in life is gonna hurt you, you just have to figure out which people are worth the pain.
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.
Allah SWT is the reason why even in pain, you smile; in confusion, you understand; in betrayal, you trust; and in fear, you continue to fight.
Nothing can change your destiny except dua to Allah.
I seek for Allah bless when day comes and I believe in Allah guidance when night comes.
Sky is always changing its color. Just like the sky, human need to change.
As muslim, we have to keep moving on, upgrading our mind, to reach our dream.
Remember, Allah doesn’t like those who only keep his seat every time.

To give a trust to someone complete stanger, does you think that its an easy thing??

Your difficulty to give the trust is the strong protect for you from being fooled or being hurt

So that makes me a heartless woman when it comes to a relationship ;)

its the great escape

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