May 12, 2011

mood currently ; * lost!!
                         * depresed
                         * tension

reasons ; * dont know where the wrong is exactly?
              * i love him, but i'm confuse~
              * dont know what's happening actually?
              * i'm lost like a lost puppy~
              * "girl's problem"

actions ; * crying lah for sure  :'(
             * stay at late night
             * time for blogging!
             * asking for Allah's help
             * forcing myself for trying to fix it up
             * trying to work out the relationship
             * controlling myself from being mad!!
             * avoid from taking drugs
             * avoid suicide
             * want to face to face with him <3
             * want to ask him about all this suspiciousness
             * i feel like i want to punch his face!!
            * always get myself in patience ~
p/s ; i need my own space..so please give me some space..lately i've turned to a very sensitive, depresed, touching, person...
dah la...its already 2.05 AM..i think i've got to go to bed now....get some sweet sleep with the sweetdreams....may tomorrow will be prettier day to deal with~

xoxoxo .. [D]

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